So what makes Matt so special?

Six years on and Thailand is but a distant memory, we are now officially married and Matt's still bald!

Matt now works full time as a teacher in a local secondary school - ensuring that he makes a difference in the lives of others rather than opt for a relative stress free but mind numbing desk job.  This rather altruistic attitude has resulted in both very rewarding and very stressful times.  Matt's health has suffered - he now takes stronger and more medication than ever before but the desire to live burns strong and teach he will.

Until recently, Matt has been able to control his epileptic seizures - a result of the tumour.  However in the past 6 months, Matt's had 3 tonic clonic fits - one of which, as a result, he acquired 5 stitches to his head.  Each fit brought renewed determination not to be held back or treated as anything but normal and a new challenge to conquer...

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