Who the hell is Tommy?

When I first met Matt, way back in 2002, I thought he was just your regular Jack the Lad.  I wasn't particularly attracted to him, in fact he was the last person in the room I was going to become friends with!  However, fate was due to take its course and one drunken night in the teacher's common room we were declared "married".

Over time, the relationship blossomed and we started talking and these talks then turned in to spending time with each other and by the end of the summer in 2004 we were heading off to backpack our way around Thailand for a month! 

It was during one of these many conversations that Matt mentioned he had a brain tumour.  It was mentioned so casually that it didn't really register with me.  Nothing in his day to day life had indicated that he was any different from your average Joe.  The only tell tale sign is that he has a scar on his head worthy a motorcycle accident.  Luckily for him, as he's tall, you don't really notice the scar.

It was thus that I was introduced to Tommy.  Tommy the brain tumour.


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