Friday feeling

The last working day of 2010 for Matt and me.  How quickly the year has gone.  It seems like yesterday I was saying that about 2009...  It really does seem like de ja va as once again we have snow on the ground and I'm thankful to be escaping the UK.

As I was driving to work this morning it was with a little trepidation at the thought of 2010 ending and the scary unknown that is 2011.  What news will January bring us?  What will I be writing about this time next year? 

But for now, those thoughts are once again filed to the back of my mind as I think about more pressing things like that fact that everything I planned to pack for France is still in the pile of washing.  It is challenges like these that I relish.  Simples - I either take it dirty or buy new!  That's one thing ticked off the list, here's hoping the rest of the list is as easy to tick off.

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