The dog's ...

With Harley on our minds, it was very hard to concentrate on Strictly or the X Factor!   Matt was clearly smitten.  But how could a dog possibly have this much influence over my man?

Despite my innate domestic goddessness, I can't abide being tickled, patted or eating meals straight from a tin.  It seems that I might not be perfection incarnate after all and that dogs might be just the medication to help Matt beat Tommy. 

Petting a dog is not only soothing to the dog, but it is also very calming for humans. It has been found that petting a dog lowers blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety levels.  Some people who have periodic seizures have reported that their dogs can sense the onset of a seizure before they can. Now it has been found that dogs can be specially trained to recognize some type of change prior to a seizure, and signal the owner of the imminent seizure.

What a shame Harley's not with us today as Matt has woken feeling "fitty" and I need to go off to work and leave Matt at home by himself.  In the meantime, we'll just have to keep our trust in the copious pills Matt puts down his throat every day.

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