Extreme multitasking

Well, we all thought men couldn't multitask but Matt took it to a whole new level this morning and managed to combine putting the washing out with doing the dishes.

No matter how early I get up, every morning, without fail, I always find myself struggling to get out the door on time.  This morning was destined to be different though.  My wonderful husband offered to help me by putting the washing out to dry for me.  Ever so grateful at this most chivalrous of gestures, I bounded back up the stairs thinking of all the ways I'd repay him.  Bliss and such thoughts were short lived as within minutes I heard the most almighty crashing and shattering sounds.

Whilst bringing the airing rack in from the conservatory, Matt had managed to knock the dirty dishes off the kitchen counter and they now lay shattered on the kitchen floor.  I guess that's one way to do the dishes!!!

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