You should have seen Matt's face when he saw the sign for the Dogs Trust - it was a glowing beacon that could have lit a city.

We were given a sheet and asked to write down the names of the dogs we liked, well, the page wasn't big enough.  They were all so adorable - the collie dog, the big fluffy over exuberant sheep dog, the little terriers and Harley, the black lab.

Harley was a 1 year old black lab who had just arrived from Ireland.  It was the first time he had been allowed out for a walk since arriving at Kenilworth.  This excitable bundle of energy dragged the dogs trust lady to the meet and greet area.  Boy was he lovely.  So affectionate.  So full of the joys of life.  And so very definitely Matt's new best friend.  We were about to bundle him up in our jackets so we could smuggle him out with us there and then but our plan was foiled when the dogs trust lady walked past to inform us it was closing time.

As it was after closing time by the time we left we couldn't book Harley and now we have to have a serious think about how Harley will fit in to the Chadwick Jnr family.  Watch this space!

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