Hibernation temptation

When you leave the house for work when it's dark and return from work when it's dark, it's very hard to retain any kind of perspective. 

For me, the English winter feels like an endless Groundhog Day, but worse, it's freezing cold.  It's not so much about living as surviving.  The battle to survive seems so much harder this year than last.  Looking back, I realise that last year I had a goal to keep me motivated - I had a marathon to run and there was no way I was not going to complete all 42.6 km!  With this goal giving me a rather demented but determined focus, I was able to join the few hardy souls at the gym each morning which really makes you feel alive.

This year, it feels like it's all about survival. I feel like I need to hibernate until January when I can pop out for Matt's next scan results and then decide whether I go back into hibernation for the rest of the winter or decide to toughen up, embrace life and set a new goal to achieve.  Suggestions on a postcard please!

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