Joyeux Noel

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!  We finally escaped the UK and all its snow and guess what?  It's snowing in Homps!!!

After what seemed like an epic journey, departing Banbury at 3 am on Christmas Eve, we finally arrived at Chez Chadwick at around 5 pm...  We battled snow, technical faults and delays with the plane and Spanish motorways to arrive in heavenly Homps.

It was a journey well worth the effort. The house is a glow with candles, Christmas tree lights and the huge log fire.  Our bellies are sated from Christmas dinner with all the Christmas trimmings and then some.  But best of all, everyone is definitely merry - not quite sure if it's from the bucks fizz, the presents received or just from all the love in the house.  Oh, bless!  Can't believe it's nearly all over for another year - but not quite - we still have the epic trivial pursuits challenge to be fought.  I make no apologies to those on my team - if you will insist on the challenge, at least include some questions from the publications I peruse!

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