The evil white stuff

It wasn't meant to be like this.  We were supposed to be on our way to sunny Barcelona and a cracking Christmas holiday.  How deceivingly pretty the snow looks as it flutters down and forms its beautiful white carpet.  So infuriating that something so soft and fluffy can cause so much havoc.

I was on such a roll too - the washing AND ironing was finished in the wee hours of last night, the clothes are all out and ready to be bundled into a suitcase and the house has even had a cleaning blitz.  The silver highlights have been banished from my hair (for now) and we've got Euros in our pockets.  Such a disappointment that the only place we're going to be spending money in the near future is Morrisons!  Hey ho, guess the only thing for it is to crack open the wine and put the fire on.

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