Reducing work hours to cope with brain tumour

Finally, after 4 years of teaching at Banbury School, Matt has realised he's not super human and needs to take it a bit easier.  What I've been trying to get Matt to understand for the past 4 years, the Prof was able to convey AND pursuade Matt in a 10 minute consultation.  Prof, you are a true legend!

After consultation with Matt's head, he's decided to reduce his hours to 0.8 of a timetable enabling him to have Wednesdays off.  This has turned out to be the best thing ever as Matt's finally got his mojo back.  Well, until the alarm goes off in the morning that is...

With a distinct feeling of deja vu, the alarm goes off in what feels like minutes after falling asleep but no, it is 5.30 am already.  Only this time, rather than Matt rolling out of bed to get ready for school, Matt rolls over and tries to go back to sleep.  Following the "it's cruel to be kind" philosophy, I pull the cover off ensuring the cold winter weather does the rest.  


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