Scan date

Finally we have a date for Matt's scan: Tuesday 18 January 2011.  At the moment this is just for his scans but hopefully we can pull some strings and get his results on the same day.  It's the not knowing that I'm finding it hardest to cope with.

I know it's cold and icy out and that Banbury's not the most exciting of places, but it still amazes me at Matt's ability to sleep like a baby both during the day and then again at night.  It's as though no matter how much sleep he gets, he could still do with another 40 winks! 

It's also easy to forget he's got a brain tumour and therefore needs more time to process information and to just focus on one thing at a time - not easy when his wife rattles on like a steam train jumping from one topic of conversation to the next - and all in a Kiwi accent.

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