Fairy godmother...

I was so meant to be the wife of a rich man leading the pampered life of a lady who lunches, employing people to do one's bidding.  Instead it's another weekend over.  Another weekend I've spent my waking hours at work, coming home with intentions of pushing the boat out, going crazy and heading out to the cinema.  Instead I've managed the first 10 minutes of a dvd before dropping off to sleep.

I want a day off but I don't want my well earnt day off to be spent cleaning, tidying and catching up on just about everything.  No.  I want a day for me.  A day where I'm pampered and preened, massaged and soothed and I don't have to think about a thing.  A blissful, peaceful day in dim, candle lit rooms with whale noises being piped through a hidden sound system and cups of peppermint tea that miraculously appear at your side. 

Until my fairy godmother turns up and waves her magic wand I guess I'd better stop dreaming, slip those marigolds on and start cleaning!  Oh, must remember not to eat apples given by strangers too!

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