Besotted.  Smitten.  So loved up.  And that's me!!!  As far as Matt's concerned, I've been relegated to the basket in the corner and Syra (short for Siracusa) is now the apple of his eye.

There is no more time for Eastenders, Desperate Housewives or the latest reality show - it's all about Syra now.  Never before has an evening passed so quickly - teaching sit, playing catch and watching her sleep...  Oh, the hours of endless entertainment from one four legged furry animal.  Just wait until Matt starts teaching her tricks.  Britain's Got Talent has seen nothing yet - The Matt & Syra show hitting the big screen!

For being in a foreign environment and with some ever so strange people Syra's been remarkably good.  Is this just beginners luck - the lull before the storm?  Will we come home tomorrow night and find the place has been redecorated Syra style?..  Being a collie/husky cross she's remarkably intelligent and full of character...

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