Holidays really are over

It would have been so easy to roll over and ignore the alarm this morning. Such cruelty after nearly three weeks of holiday...  Somehow we managed to avoid repeatedly hitting the snooze button and haul ourselves out of bed.  However, on the bright side, it's become a very short working week for us this week - two days and it's the weekend!  Now that's what I call a working week.

I was excited to return to work knowing that I had my full quota of holidays for 2011 and could look forward to planning some exciting, exotic getaways.  Although, of course, now we will have to be mature, responsible adults with the addition of Stella to the Chadwick clan.  Hang on a minute, I'm sure we could persuade Matt's youngest brother, Jim, (also known as dog lover Jim) to dog sit for us while we cruise around Croatia, celebrate in St Petersburg and explore Istanbul.  In fact, I think he might even pay us for the priviledge...

It's been an exhausting first day back at work so I'd better sort myself out and head off to bed to ensure I get enough beauty sleep!

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