It's never easy is it?

Just when you think you have everything planned and sorted they only go and change the rules on you.  Today was the day that Millie/Stella/Guiness/Taitti (short for Taittinger darling) was to become a fully fledged member of the Chadwick family. 

All excited, I called up the Dogs Trust this afternoon, just to make sure that everything was tip top, ship shape and hunky dory so we could bring her home with us after our "rehoming talk" tonight.  Excitement very quickly turned to tears though when I was told sorry madam but there was no way we could bring her home with us tonight - they closed at 1600 and only the training centre would be open.  Couldn't we come and get her tomorrow?

Don't they know who I am?  Don't they understand that Matthew Chadwick, double hard bastard and semi retired most excellent teacher needs his new best friend at home with him tomorrow?..  Despite pleading and begging like the shameless thing I am, there was no way they were going to bend the rules, not even for us.  It's either get in there tomorrow or she's back up for adoption...  I shocked myself by bursting in to tears at the thought of this.  There's no way anyone else is going to take our wee girl home with them. 

One phone call later and it's mama Chadwick to the rescue, agreeing to take Matt to collect her tomorrow.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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