Jonny's in town

We've got my brother Jonny staying with us at the moment - booked his ticket a week ago - just after we announced we'd adopted Syra - and I picked him up from Heathrow on Sunday.  So there was THE birthday celebrations in London on Saturday, Jonny arriving on Sunday, a day at the hospital for Matt's scan yesterday and today at work it was back to full steam ahead with a programme coming in tomorrow!  All that and it's only Tuesday.  Phew - I'm exhausted!

I arranged to meet Jonny for lunch in Oxford today - We agreed to meet infront of the station at 1215.  I made it in to town just 10 mins late and ran around looking for him infront of the station, couldn't see him anywhere so I tried the station - no luck.  I called Matt to check which train he'd put Jonny on but typically Matt's phone went straight through to answer phone.  Finally - half an hour late - I spotted Jonny - infront of the station... I take back all those nasty things I muttered whilst running around like a headless chicken trying to find you Jonny.

There's something ever so comforting about having family near.  It's a pity everyone lives so far.  Still, we'll just have to make good on our promise (threat) to come visit you in the States Jon!

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