Mr popular

It's amazing how quickly the day goes by even when you're not actually doing anything.  Matt wasn't feeling up to going in to work today - he's still really tired and doesn't have the energy to concentrate on anything much at the moment. 

Syra is brilliant though.  She's a fantastic dog but also fantastic for Matt.  The only thing that's worrying me is they do say that the owners do tend to look like their dogs...  Matt's spent most of the day playing with, walking or snoozing with Syra. 

Matt's also become the most popular member of the household. Not only is Syra his number one fan, but if the landline's not ringing, then his mobile is.  Never before has the phone rung so often - and every time for Matt!  The calls from friends and family have really perked Matt up so he's feeling like a celebrity.  He'll be giving me his rider soon enough! 

He'll have to fend for himself tomorrow though, I'm off to London to celebrate my birthday with the girls - 3 other lovely ladies who just happen to have birthdays in December and January which inevitably get forgotten about with all the Christmas/New Year madness.

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