Scan results - no change!!!

Woohoo - no change!!!  After sitting in the waiting room at the QE for an hour and a half, Matt finally emereged from his scan...  With nothing but people watching to do in the waiting room, and scans usually only lasting 20 - 30 minutes, my mind was running overtime imagining the worst possible reasons why Matt's scan was taking so long. 

Breathe a sigh of relief.  The Prof, legend that he is, took time between surgeries to check Matt's scan and we were delivered a "no change" verdict!  I can't tell you what a relief that was.  There was an audible letting out of breath and lowering of shoulders to that news.  We were both so sure he was headed down the chemo route - what with his recent seizures and numbness in his right leg.  The double hard bastard proves everyone wrong again.   Why he had to prove it like that beats me - all that extra time I've spent dying the grey out of my hair... 

Next on the agenda is for Matt to rest up, implement some destressing changes to his lifestyle and get himself back in tip top shape - Syra, I'm relying on you to make sure Matt takes you on lots of long, long walks!

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