Another seizure

Matt convinced me that I really did need to go to the gym and I must admit that I was really pleased I went yesterday.  I felt every movement, looked with envy at the people who never broke a sweat and became very motivated by my reflection in the mirror.  Why oh why can't I have my cake and eat it too?

However, when I opened the front door, all I could see was Matt on the floor.  He'd had another fit and was waiting there for me to come home.  Everything else is immediately forgotten and it's all about what you can do.  Thankfully this time Matt hadn't hurt himself and in reality, there's very little you can do apart from just be there.  I can tell you, that sure wasn't easy for me, surely there was something he needed, something I could do...  Ah, quite possibly that might be turning the kitchen tap off pronto before the water filling the sink up spills over and we have a flood everywhere!

Needless to say Matt's really shaken up and gutted at what this may mean.  His last big fit was back in November last year and I think he was hoping that as he hadn't had one for a while now, his body had sorted itself out.  To help put the twinkle back in Matt's eye, we have a trip back to the Dog's Trust in Kennilworth planned for this afternoon.

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