SAD.  Seasonal Affective Disorder.  When you feel like you've been in a submarine and not seen any sun for months.  When everything is just too much effort and you feel you need to conserve all energy just to continue existing.  One minute you're fine and the next you're the wife from hell, all moody and narky for no apparent reason. 

I hate the English winter.  Before Christmas it's usually tolerable - the excitement of Christmas, the controversial work party and the general festive atmosphere make everything seem bearable.  However after Christmas it just drags on and on and on.  Enough already.  Couldn't we have just a bit of colour in the sky rather than this immutable grey? 

Right now I could really do with a bit of sun on my back - to feel the warmth seep through to my bones and give me that chilled out summer feeling that everything's gonna be ok because the sun's shining.

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