Christmas charity run

One Santa suit, check.  5 runners all kitted out, check.  One pace maker on a bike, check.  Bottle of champagane on ice for afters, check.  All good to go for the Chadwick/Mackay Brain Tumour UK charity run. 

When the 5 km Santa fun run was cancelled back in December, we agreed we couldn't let our fans and sponsors down so set a date to do our very own charity run - Saturday 8 January.  Unfortunately training had to take a back seat during the Christmas/New Year festivities but we sure made up for it in enthusiasm! 

The course was not without its challenges either.  Up hill and down dale, fording icy puddles and muddy swamp like patches.  There were the families out on their Saturday stroll who we had to speed up to try and pass, dog walkers and their numerous dogs to dodge and the need to keep Matt on the path as he started his "veer to the right" when he started to tire.  Respect for Matt's commitment to the run and determination to finish it - although I do suspect there was the added incentive of a trip to the pub which might have helped?!

What a team


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