Soppy & loved up Matt

A trip to the Dog's Trust for Matt is like a trip to Bicester Village shopping heaven for me!  Did the trick - perked Matt up and like the big soppy thing he is, he fell head over heels for an adorable, affectionate but very very timid collie called Tom.  However, as we had once again not arrived at the Dog's Trust until nearly closing time, we were unable to "book" him yesterday.

After a very sleepless night, despite his very adorable nature, we decided that we weren't too sure about Tom - he was just a bit too timid and skittish.  We also weren't sure how he would react if Matt had a fit.  So, we headed back to the Dog's Trust and after much deliberation and consultation, Matt met and fell in love with a collie/husky cross, currently called Millie.  She's one and a half, a bundle of fluffy energy and due to become a fully fledged Chadwick in 10 days time!!! 

We were so excited that we stopped off at the pet shop on the way home and picked up a few bits a pieces - essentials like a bed, chews and all essential toy sheep!  With a new running buddy, I'll just have to sign myself up for a few more charity runs.

Matt & Syra

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