Time to...

What does one do with oneself when one is not working?  Surely if you're not working, the hours will stretch out endlessly.  There'll be time to do all those things that you never have time for - like reading a book, having an afternoon siesta and having a coffee watching the world go by at the local cafe... 

Not so apparently.  There's not even time to do the things that have to get done like washing and dishes and cleaning!  Matt's been signed off work and has been at home by himself all week  - just a man and his dog.  However I'm baffled as to what he's done all day.  I come home and the house looks just a little bit more lived in than it did when I left.  The laundry pile in the bathroom has started to overflow into the hall and there seems to be an enourmous pile of dishes for just one person!.. 

The solitude and boredom is getting to Matt but he has to take the time to rest.  I'm so glad he's got Syra to keep him company - and I think Matt is too - she doesn't go on quite as much as I do!!!

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