Why the seizures?

Wicked Wednesday - best day of the week.  I arrive home exhausted and Matt's cooking dinner.  Bliss. 

It all seems too good to be true...  And unfortunately it was.  Within minutes of arriving home, Matt had another fit.  This was the first fit that Syra had seen and she wasn't too sure what was going on.  Like usual she wanted to be a part of whatever it was that was going on so was in there trying to jump on Matt and lick him all over.

Thankfully the fit didn't last too long and Matt recovered pretty quickly - although I guess he's getting used to them now.  Why though?  Matt's been off work for two weeks so theoretically he shouldn't be stressed.  Syra's been walking Matt at every possible opportunity so he's been getting fresh air and a bit of exercise.  Was it the heat from the oven???  Is it because he's still smoking like a trooper???  Is it just a permanent state of being now???

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