Being grown up

After a wonderful weekend - two days spent relaxing at home with friends, Monday dawned and with it the harsh realities of being a grown up.  As a capricorn and a obssesive organiser it's so difficult when you no longer feel in control of your life. 

Although Matt's sorted out his teaching at Banbury School, we haven't quite worked out how this will work in practice.  What will happen to Syra?  Or, more likely, what will happen to the house when Syra's left alone inside it?! 

Despite Matt being off and not having to work, the ironing pile hasn't been touched and I'm still haven't to navigate the mine field that is the kitchen each morning to find the kitchen sink. 

However the worst part about being a grown up is the realisation that money doesn't grow on trees.  On that note, I'm off in search of a rainbow so I can bag that pot of gold.


  1. we have a tree in our garden call "money tree". my friend said we should put the tree inside of house to bring money in.

    if it's works, I will send you a cutoff of the tree!

    in mean time, if you find pot of gold, remember i'm your friend too.

  2. Bless you - looking forward to receiving the cutoff!


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