Dinner Party Prep

Why is it that when you finally have a day off and have been so looking forward to a good old sleep in, you always, without fail, wake up early?

After slogging my way through two weekends on the trot, I booked a well deserved day off on Friday.  Finally, a chance to see Matt and Syra in daylight!  However, with so many things to catch up on and everything to prepare for the Come Dine in Banbury dinner party, my brain was whirling overtime. So much for that longed for sleep in.

The morning was spent trawling all the florists in Banbury trying to find some fern to use as decoration for Waitangi Day on Sunday.  A couple years ago it was everywhere, so common, now it's like gold dust.  Instead I've settled for some cabbage flowers - symbolic of the cabbage tree back home, but looking nothing like them!!! 

Thankfully we have a wonderful wine shop just down the road from us.  Not only have they generously supported my charity events but they also have a good old stock of New Zealand wine.  I was so excited to see some wine from Craggy Range, I'd have bought the lot if I could have!  After buying the wine, it was off to buy some wine glasses as try as we might, we can't help breaking one or two glasses a week.

Can you tell I'm just a little bit excited about our "Come Dine in Banbury" dinner party on Sunday.  Roll on Waitangi Day!!!

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