First day back at work

Another cold, wet, grey Monday morning.  Another morning when the alarm goes off and I wish I had a few more hours, minutes even in bed.  However this morning I wasn't the only one battling the urge to hit the snooze button.  This morning double hard bastard Mr Chadwick also arose at the crack of dawn and took Syra out for a walk before heading off to work.

It was one stroppy dog who could barely bring herself to acknowledge me when I began my mad dash of breakfast, shower, hair and slap after returning from the gym this morning.  It was a snub only a female is capable of  and performed to perfection.  The silent treatment.  Matt had gone off and left her and nothing I could do would compensate.  This strop continued even after Matt returned from work and when she was out for her walk in the park she took off, leaving Matt looking for her in the dark.  Females - so infuriating!

Thankfully, for today at least, work has agreed with Matt and the alarm is set for an obscenely early time in the deepest darkest hours of tomorrow morning.

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