The man in tweed

The man in tweed does it again.  After successfully winning the Oxford walking tour and Mal break at the Charity Auction back in 2009, Tweed man finally sorted a date for the walking tour - or did he?  Half of us had Saturday in the diary, half of us had Sunday in the diary!   Thankfully the walking tour wasn't too onerous as it focussed on the pubs in and around Oxford city centre.  It was also a chance for Debs and I to hatch some plans - now that the St P application form just needs signing and putting in the post we've got to think about suitably appropriate sparkly attire for vodka drinking nights out!

One person not happy about the walking tour and the fact that she wasn't invited was Syra.  Unfortunately she's had a tough week coping with Matt's return to work and the limited walks as Matt's limpy leg returned.  Trying to make up for it today I took Syra out for a run with me, but 10 km later she was still full of beans and wanting more...   You're wearing me out Syra!

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