St P birthday plans

St Petersburg had better be pretty bloody special considering everything you have to go through to get there!   I don't think I could have chosen a more complicated place to go to for Matt's birthday weekend! 

I started the Russian tourist visa application on Saturday.  It's Wednesday and I still haven't finished completing it.  It's almost as though technology has made the process more complicated rather than streamlining it.  So far the process involves an online form which includes questions such as "list all the countries you have visited in the last 10 years and the dates" and "educational qualifications and dates"...  I just want to eat caviar, drink vodka and marvel at Russian fashion, not apply for the Russian President's job. Honestly!

Once you then agree to all the terms and conditions, including paying the price of your airticket for the priviledge of a visa in your passport and submit your form hoping that it's job done.  But no, you have to print the form, sign it, attach photos, acquire bank drafts and tourist invitation documentation.  The things I do for my man - my 40th birthday had better not be a trip to the local curry house!

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