Swimsuits and scans

Feeling ever so self righteous about the fact that I'd made it to the gym every morning this week my smugness quickly disappeared when I pulled my swimsuit out its bag to discover it had virtually disintergrated.  I had two choices - admit defeat and return home dignity in tact or soldier on, pretending said swimsuit was still perfectly functional and create lots of splash whilst swimming to distract people's attention!  I'm proud to say pride didn't come between me and my exercise and I opted for choice number two.  We do live in Banbury after all - a disintegrating swim suit's just par for the course!

When I returned home we had a letter from the QE hospital summoning Matt in for another appointment with the Prof.  It's hard to believe it's already been two months since his last scan - we're just recovering from the implications that had.  We don't need anything else to rock the boat now - give us some breathing space!

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