Toughen up!

After two days back at work, Matt's had his wicked Wednesday off and is already complaining about his early morning start tomorrow.  Nothing like a bit of sick leave to soften you up!!!  Although, was it the time off, or was it the company?..   For during his time off, Matt quickly and effortlessly embraced the routine of the "Pooch walk in the park" ladies.  A group of rather young and rather lovely ladies who just happened to walk their pooches in the park at the same time as Matt and whose dogs Syra ended up spending a lot of time playing with!!!  

Matt's not the only one complaining about the change in routine.  Syra is proving herself to be a fine female and can pull a strop with the best of them.  If she's not centre of attention then she's sulking or sleeping in her basket.

For once, I think I might actually be the normal, balanced member of the Chadwick household!

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