Whoop whoop for Matt's scan results

In the words of the wise and wonderful Debbie, "whoop whoop"!  Once again there's no change in Matt's scan results.

However, Matt seems to be baffling the Prof as if Matt's supposedly "normal", why oh why is he getting his limpy leg?  After searching through endless images of Matt's scans, the void that was his brain still appears the same - no bigger, no smaller.  However it would seem that if there was to be any untoward activity going on, it would more than likely present itself on Matt's right side and in the form of playing havoc with movement - all tying in with the limpy leg.  A result of which, Matt's to have a PET scan to double check whether or not there is any activity going on there.

With the good news that there's been no change, the visa forms for St Petersburg will be sent off tomorrow - in one month's time, we'll be touching down in the Venice of the North - how exciting is that!!!

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