Perfect Day

I think I've just about had the perfect day and am typing this blog smug in my own contentment.  The sun streaming in through the window woke me up this morning, shortly followed by Syra sneaking in to our bedroom to let us know it was well and truly time to get up.

With the knowledge that my niece, nephews and Rachel & Jason were shortly to be arriving on our doorstep for a BBQ, there was nothing for it but to do battle with the jungle that had taken over our back garden.  What was once a beautiful garden full of flowers and shrubs had turned into a jungle of nettles and weeds and needed to be tamed in order for us to have somewhere to sit and enjoy the balmy sun shine. 

Not a moment too soon as I'd barely had time to clean the dirt from under my nails when there was a knock at the door and in trooped Tim, Jemma and Theo (Syra's play mates).  I don't think there's anything quite the same as having a house full of family, the sun shining on your back, and a glass of pimms in your hand.  So it is with a warm glow in my belly and heart that I head off to bed.

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