Wedding Fever

Quick update on the here and now before the next installment of the saga that is St Petersburg!

It's not just wedding fever, poor Matt's come down with a fever, sore throat and basically feeling like he's been hit by a bus.  I had it all last weekend and it seems like it's now moved on to Matt - just in time for another long bank holiday weekend.

Everywhere is a buzz with Royal Wedding gossip and street parties.  Everywhere that is except our house!  Matt's the grumpy one.  I'm more than happy to spend a lazy morning in front of the TV, joining in the celebrations and wedding spirit.  Quite frankly, I think it should happen a more often, never before has a double whamy long bank holiday weekend been more welcome.  Long Live the Royals I say!

Poor Syra has had an icky eye so we took her off to the vets only to be told that she needs an operation.  Gullible and ever loving dog owners that we are we packed her off for her op yesterday only to be told that they couldn't find anything wrong with her eye, they weren't sure where the blockage was if there was one and that would be £120 thank you very much.  Poor Syra had to endure a general anaesthetic for nothing.  Bless her, she was quite out of it last night - she'd just stand stock still as if she were drunk and the room was spinning all around her.  Thankfully she's got her mojo back today and is as lively as ever.

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