Another trip to A&E

Just when you think everything is getting back to normal again, you end up spending the morning in A&E...

Matt set off for work this morning all chirpy and looking forward to heading down to London for John and Chi's wedding tomorrow. I packed the car up and headed off for work, all glowing from my spray tan last night. I'd only been at work long enough to get myself a cup of coffee and churn through the emails when I got a call from Matt's school to say Matt was ok but had had a fit in class and the paramedics wanted to speak to me. Not the kind of phone call you want to receive.

Thankfully Matt didn't do any damage to himself but the fit was longer than before and it took him longer to come round and get sensation back on his right side. A&E really is a grim place to be left on your own and unfortunately I still had an hour's drive to get back to the Horton Hospital. They kept him in for a good couple of hours as they analysed some blood samples and monitored him.

Matt's right side was still weak when we left the hospital and the limp in his right leg was quite pronounced. Nothing for it but a good old cup of tea and a sleep back at home.

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