Basically, it always come back to balance.

Matt retrained as a secondary school teacher as teaching TEFL wasn't giving him enough job satisfaction - it was all too easy. The goal was to get perfect balance - to have a job that gave a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment that also allowed the flexibility to live and work anywhere in the world.

However, teaching full time at Banbury School has taken its toll on Matt's health. The balance between a job that provided a sense satisfaction and having time to relax and enjoy life was gone. It was hoped that working at an international school would bring back some of the enjoyment of life with new experiences and cultures to absorb, however this was soon put on the back burner with concerns over health care abroad. Instead, balance was sought in the form of reducing teaching hours and so Matt reduced his timetable to .6 (3 days a week to you and me). Frustratingly, this hasn't brought the desired balance as Matt, seemingly fit and healthy, went off to school only to have his biggest fit to date.

So how does one achieve that balance of filling your days with something worthwhile but being able to enjoy life at the same time? A rather intimidating notion to be grappling with at the best of times and one that Matt's struggling to come to terms with now.

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