Stuffy Suzy, I miss you

I'm so proud of myself - I made it all the way down to Salisbury without one "recalculating" from stuffy Suzy the sat nav!  We arrived in time for lunch which turned in to a veritable feast - fresh bread, cheese, portuguese ham, italian salami, olives, sun dried tomatoes and heavenly home made brownies.  After gorging ourselves on the contents of Lucy & Rui's pantry we headed off to the New Forest to give Syra a good old romp in the woods and to find some mushrooms to cook for dinner.

There were ponies to bark at, puddles to splash in and millions of Oyster mushrooms to pick.  Everyone was in good spirits and refreshed from the fresh air, exercise and beautiful surroundings.  However, upon arriving back the the car - my little mini - we discovered that the back window had been smashed in and someone had taken my brilliant hold anything and everything bag.  I couldn't quite believe it at first and then as I rang the police to report it, the reality set it.  What a whole lot of hassle - everything was in that bag - wallet & cards, memory sticks with work & work passes but worst of all, the irritating but ever so precious stuffy Suzy sat nav. 

Something needed to be done about the back window before we could drive anywhere and herein started a series of frustrating phone calls.  I tried the RAC first up and was advised to try auto glass or my car insurance company.  Auto glass said they didn't have any windows in stock but could help on Monday so I tried the insurance company.  They could tow me to the nearest garage but I'd have to make my own way home and couldn't help with a courtesy car as they had no access to the data base or my insurance policy, they were just a voice on the end of the phone.  How that's of any use to anyone and how they can get away with that level of service is almost as frustrating as having the window smashed and the bag stolen.  I tried the RAC again and thankfully they agreed to send someone to put some plastic over the window.  Mr superstar RAC man, keen to try out his Kickboxer film moves, sellotaped his hands up to try and pick up all the broken glass from the boot and back seat!  After a bit of TLC the poor car was patched up but looking rather the worse for wear.  Just in time though as the heavens opened and down came the rain.

Well and truly exhausted, demoralised and starving, we headed back to warm up and turn our Oyster mushrooms into a culinary delight.

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