Thank god it's Friday.  I'm absolutely shattered.  These four day weekends are playing havoc with my body clock and I can't hack the pace any more!!!  No longer am I coming home and falling asleep on the sofa during the one TV programme I really wanted to watch.  In true Baboushka fashion I have taken this to a new level - the much more sophisticated act of heading up to bed straight after dinner as I'm too knackered to even contemplate watching TV!

Needless to say I'm so looking forward to the weekend and catching up with friends from our summer school teaching days down in Salisbury on Saturday.  No longer TEFL teaching, but now with a PhD in molecular biology - how about that?!  Absolute respect to Dr Bock.  There's no rest for the lowly workers though as I'm back in at work again on Sunday with another programme starting.

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