Too many kisses

I've just learnt that you can have too many kisses - Hershey's kisses that is!  In need of a little pick me up after an exhausting day in the office I cracked open the packet of Hershey's kisses so I could get my much needed chocolate fix.  Two kisses were so enjoyable that I went back for another couple.  After that, it was easier to just bring the packet to the sofa so I didn't have to keep getting up every couple of minutes for more kisses...  After a dozen or more kisses later it occured to me that a drop of Baileys to wash it all down would be just perfect so out came the Baileys!  After that the guilt of not going to the gym or doing any exercise for nearly a month led to the consumption of yet more kisses. 

I urge you all, beware, one kiss leads to another and then another and before you know it, you've lost control.  Sometimes you can indeed have too many kisses!!!

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