A week of weddings

Weddings really are wonderful. I just love 'em. The magic moments, the dressing up, being surrounded by family and friends. The stress of all the months of planning melting away as sparkling liquid mana (otherwise known as champagne) starts flowing.

Five years after our wedding it seems they're back in fashion again and like buses, they're all coming at once! We've just had the ever so sophisticated Royal Wedding which I just loved, although I think the day off might just have added to the enjoyment! On Friday, one of Matt's university mates is tying the knot down in London. After a slight wardrobe disaster a couple weekends ago, I think we're back on track again. Really looking forward to celebrating with John and Chi this weekend.

Last week also brought two new wedding invitations. Indecisive Duncan finally did the deed with the lovely Ae and will be celebrating back in Shropshire in July. Really looking forward to that - a good old reunion back in Shropshire, home of the summer school where Matt & I met. The following week Matt's colleague, Martin, is getting married in Oxford. Another wedding outfit to prepare - it's all so terribly exciting!!!

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