You can't beat a good wedding

There's nothing quite like a good wedding and John and Chi's didn't disappoint. I just hope they enjoyed the day as much as Matt and I did!

After waking up and deciding that he really didn't feel up to attending the wedding, Matt left a message on Jim's phone then rolled over to go back to sleep...

Thankfully, after a few phone calls and amended logistics, we were back on the guest list and dashing around the house trying to get ready for our trek to East London to drop Syra off before heading West again to Barnes for the wedding. Thank god for all the practise I have at rushing to get ready on time for work each morning - we managed to get ready and out the house in just over an hour.

We made it to Rachel's in good time, deposited Syra in her new house to play in and remembered to pick up the sat nav - 40 mins to get to Barnes - spot on, we might even have time for lunch! Our 40 mins journey soon turned into the scenic route through London via Baker Street and 40 mins quickly became 2 hours. To top it off, I'd noted the post code to a different B&B to the one we were booked in to!!! We squeeked into the B&B with moments to spare and then it was a mad dash with the Mackays to the wedding venue. Such excitement and all before 3 pm!

Chi looked stunning and there wasn't a dry eye at the ceremony by the time John & Chi had said their vows. The sun peeked out as the champagne popped. Dangerously, they provided guests with a polaroid camera to help capture special memories of the day - I do hope they appreciated the efforts I went to to capture all those memories!!! With everyone all loved up, we danced to John's band into the wee hours of the night. Like I said, you can't beat a good wedding. xx


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