Ward 407

After a fitful nights sleep today started with a call to the duty nurse at 0730. Matt's Macmillan nurse, Claire, was already with him trying to pull strings to get his chemo arranged and have him transferred to the Oncology ward. What a star. Thru Claire Jenni and I got ourselves VIP ward visiting passes and rocked up to the ward at 11.00. By this time Claire had sorted the chemo drugs. Drug regime explained, I was sent off to pick them up from the pharmacy. Now for the hard part, to convince the matron on the neuroscience ward that she would let Matt take the chemo drugs and monitor him as there were no spare beds on Oncology. This took until 6pm but finally we got the goods news. Since being in 407 Matt's turned into a real meerkat, watching everyone walking up and down the corridor, monitoring visitors. I'm sure he could even tell you what everyone had for lunch! The afternoon consisted of a physio session which exhausted Matt, a wee nap, some dedicated meerkating and family visits. We left just after Matt was given an anti nausea pill in preparation for his first dose of chemo. An absolute massive and almighty thanks to Claire, Fred and the Prof for everything they've done for Matt in the past couple days. You are my heroes.

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