Bloody Tommy

Exhausted, knackered and emotionally drained. We arrived at the Priory on time and were all prepared for Matt to go in for his op.  He was gowned up in the ever so sexy hospital gown. We then mentioned about his swollen leg and that's when it all started to go pear shaped. The nurses seemed quite concerned about the swelling in his leg but they sent him off for his MRI scan anyway. The anethsitist came in and again expressed concern about Matt's leg and noticed that not only was Matt's calf swollen but his thigh and arm were swollen as well. The Prof turned up and arranged for a scan to check whether there was a clot and hey presto, clots galore. There were still a couple of creative options so Matt could have his surgery however once the Prof checked the MRI scan the news wasn't good. There were several growths in the tumour in places that the Prof didn't want to operate - roll out the chemo. Bloody hell, this wasn't meant to happen. We hung around in Matt's hospital room waiting for the Oncologist to go through the proposed chemo. As a result, they were going to try and transfer Matt to the QE Hospital. Just before 7 the Oncologist came in and explained the proposed chemo which, all going weel, will start tomorrow. In the first instance he'll have the same treatment he did 13 years ago - a combination of pills and an intravenous injection. He's also having injections for the thrombosis and on steroids to try and reduce the swelling in his brain. The good news is Matt's in his very own en suite room at the QE Hospital. He has two fantastic Macmillan nurses, Claire and Fred and that he's ready to beat bloody Tommy again. All going well he'll be discharged tomorrow and will just need day trips to the hospital for treatment.

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  1. Hey Kris! Glad to see you back online again and thanks for the updates. I had been wondering how Matt was. Thinking of you both and praying that all goes well with Matt's treatment. xx


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