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Two anti seizure drugs, cancer drugs, steroids, chemo drugs, anti sickness drugs, blood thinning injections and after a series of fits last night & this morning, he's on another anti seizure drug. Matt's also enjoying the benefits of codeine. Just as well he's lying down or I'm sure he'd rattle! After the dramas of the past couple days Matt had a fairly quiet day yesterday and seemed in good spirits with an ever so healthy appetite. Unfortunately for Matt it's not his year as he's not allowed to eat cheese when he's on the chemo drugs. That just about cuts out most of his usual daily diet! We left Matt just before 9 last night but he woke around 4 in the morning and had a couple of fits. As soon as he woke this morning he had a couple more fits. What with the fits and his aphasia, he was worried that the nurses didn't understand him and that he wasn't getting the right drugs. I woke to a worried call from Matt and dashed in to the QE. Mal & I did battle with the matron to convince her we should be allowed in. We went thru Matt's drugs with the nurse and they explained that they were going to give him another anti seizure drug to try and get them under control, the first dose of which was by infusion. Thankfully we had to leave the room while they put the Cannula in. The drug seemed to do it's job and we left Matt to sleep.

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