Pre-op at The Priory

We're well and truly going up in the world - Matt's op is at The Priory and is on the NHS!  We had to go in today for a pre-op and I think it's the first time ever a medical receptionist has smiled and been civil!  Matt's ever so excited about the thought of having his own room and someone to serve his every whim at the end of a call bell!

Found out today that operations are scheduled from 1300 on Thursday 26 April but we're not sure where Matt is on the operations list.  He'll be in ITU (Intensive Care) on the first night and he's currently booked in for 5 nights in total.  The purpose of the operation is still to try and remove scar tissue which the Prof thinks is the cause of Matt's fits.  However as the scarring is really close to the speech part of his brain, he's going to have to be awake for part of the operation.  Not a pleasant thought.

Matt's taking it all in his stride - doesn't seem phased by it at all.  Just as well as I couldn't even watch him have his blood tests today.  The mere thought of needles and blood is enough to turn me green.

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