Stressful times

Matt had us all worried last night. He seemed pretty tired after his early morning seizures, ward moves and visits from Jim, Debbie and Dr Leak. Mal, Jenni and I turned up for evening visiting time to find him reliant on oxygen, quite confused & dazed and very weak. He wasn't able to go to the bathroom by himself and struggled with any conversation. By the time we left he was looking a little better but still had us all worried. Thankfully Matt had a good, deep, fit free sleep and was well enough to tell me off when I came in late for afternoon visiting! Claire came by and gave him a good telling off for relying on his oxygen to get him by and we talked about Matt coming out which will hopefully be tomorrow so long as the Prof agrees. Difficult thing is going to be getting hold of the Prof as he's in surgery tomorrow. Matt seemed much better today, calmer, able to hold a conversation and not nearly as weak so hopefully he will be home with us tomorrow night. Hope so as I've bought a very posh ear thermometer in anticipation!

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