It's as if Matt's trying to out do himself.  First it was a brain tumour, then diarrhea for five weeks.  Today, after complaining of a sore leg for the past week, Matt woke up with a swollen right calf.  Sympathy got the better of me so off we went to the doctors.  Within minutes Matt was being tested for Thrombosis.  It was a nervous 10 minutes in the waiting room with only dog eared, outdated magazines and some County Council fliers to distract us as we waited for the test results.  Negative!  Phew - we both let out audible sighs of relief.

Once again Matt has baffled the doctors though.  It doesn't appear to be a strain or sprain, just an almighty swollen calf causing incessant pain and difficulty walking.  The only thing for it is some anti inflamatories and hope that time will do it's thing and heal whatever it is that's causing the swelling.


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