Brain surgery

Who said tomorrow never comes?  For once, I'm not looking forward to tomorrow, in fact I'm dreading it.  The unknown, the uncertainty, the lack of control.  I'm really not happy about handing my man over to the Prof to do his thing.  Thank god this is all old hat to Matt and he's not overly bothered about having to go into hospital and having BRAIN SURGERY.

Preparing for a hospital stay is a bit like preparing for a holiday, but without the duty free shopping to look forward to.  I've been out and bought supplies - new comfy lounge pants, the whole shabang of magazines and bottles of lucozade & treats to snack on.  The ipods on charge and mini toiletries all packed. 

It's not tomorrow yet though - time to enjoy dinner with all the family.  Don't panic, Mal's cooking!


  1. I hope the magazines are of the right calibre - fashion ........ xxxxxxx


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