Relay GB - 1 down, 1 to go

Yeah Team SBS, what a fabulous team we were!  Shortly after 2 this morning all bleary eyed and bushy tailed the fantastic four left Oxford.  Thanks to Josie's driving and navigation skills we made it to the Relay GB rendezvous point - a random car park in the centre of Glastonbury by 0430.  We had just registered and donned our t-shirts when the previous runner completed his leg, a full half hour early!  Thankful not to have to hand around any longer than necessary, Loretta started our team off and did the first 10.6 km out of Glastonbury.  Josie, David and I stayed warm and dry in the car as we drove on ahead as pathfinders.  With the remaining three of us undecisive about which leg we wanted to do we drew straws and I got the second leg.  Thankfully it was only spitting when I set off out of Wells on my 10.6 km leg.  No sooner was I out of Wells than winding, twisting, never ending hills loomed up.  I trudged on uphill for what seemed like an eternity before the path flattened out.  Despite the hills it was great to be out running again in such beautiful countryside and with my very own support crew on hand to shout out encouragement.  Just as the rain started to pour down, my leg was over and it was Josie's turn to tacklet the next 10.6 km.  Last but not least, David brought us in to Bath in a very respectable 4 hours.  What a team!  If we can pull a marathon off on 3 hours sleep, imagine what we could do on a full 8 hours sleep!

Team SBS - gold medals all round


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