3 hours and counting

I should really be asleep.  In 3 short hours I'll be heading off down to Glastonbury to take part in the first leg of Relay GB.  Team SBS is running from Glastonbury - Bath, kicking off at 0530!!!  For someone who seriously needs her beauty sleep, this is not good.  I'm also scared that this is gonna hurt.  What with one thing and another, I haven't been out for a run, or done any exercise for that matter, since we were in France at Easter.  That's a month without any form of exercise whatsoever.  I'm hoping that I'll just have to do around 12 km but I seem to remember someone saying that the route was rather hilly.  Just as well it'll be dark and I won't be able to see the hills!!!  Thank you to all those of you who have sponsored me in my effort to raise money for Brain Tumour UK.  For those of you who haven't yet, here the link!  http://www.justgiving.com/Kristine-ChadwickRelayGB

Matt relocated to James' on Friday afternoon - our inner city Birmingham pad!  The district nurses came out to help Matt with his Heparin injections for his thrombosis however they indicated that one of us would have to step up and start helping Matt with these.  The thought of being able to stab Matt daily was too much for James to pass up so thankfully I'm off the hook for now.  We were also given a master class in using our posh new ear thermometer however Matt managed to change the readings from celcius to farenheit today so there was a bit of a panic over this afternoons temperature reading!

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